Sepsis Management

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Online training suitable nhs, care home managers, nurses, doctors, locums, gp’s, dentists.

We offer this CPD certified online Sepsis management training course, which is an ideal training solution for NHS & care home managers.

Importantly, this course is also ideal for NHS nurses, doctors, GP’s, dentists, domiciliary carers, or anyone who works within the healthcare or social care sectors and would like to gain up to date Sepsis management training certification.

Furthermore, this online course holds a level 3 training certification and will help you stay compliant with your health & social care Sepsis management training course requirements.


CPD Certification online sepsis awareness course programme, e-learning course for NHS Doctors, Locums, Nurses, GP’s, dentists, social care, domiciliary carers.

In addition, our online Sepsis management course programme has been developed in line with the latest UK legislation and can be completed at a time that is convenient to you.

Furthermore, this e-learning course is an ideal learning platform for healthcare, social care & dental surgery managers. This online Sepsis management course is also ideal for NHS doctors, nurses, dentists, domiciliary carers, or anyone who would like to gain level 3 certification in Sepsis management.

What is covered in this level 3 course?

  • What is sepsis?
  • Sepsis, septicaemia and blood poisoning
  • Who is at risk & how to spot sepsis
  • Symptoms in children under five
  • Symptoms in older children and adults
  • Vital signs (clinical observations) & shock
  • When to get medical help
  • Causes of sepsis, sources of infection, how does the infection spread?
  • People at risk of Sepsis
  • Diagnosis, treatment & initial management of sepsis
  • Tests to diagnose sepsis & emergency treatment
  • Antibiotics & types of antibiotics
  • Viral infections
  • Intravenous fluids & Oxygen therapy
  • Treating the source of infection
  • Increasing blood pressure
  • Other treatments for sepsis
  • Recovering from sepsis.

At the end of this online Sepsis management training course for you will be required to complete an online training assessment, which has a pass mark of 80%.

On successful completion of the e-learning assessment you will be able to download a FREE CPD Sepsis management training certificate. This can be used to provide evidence of compliance. Our CPD certificate can be used to provide evidence and is recognised internationally.

In addition we also offer additional training including Sepsis awareness & an infection control training for healthcare course. Please follow these link to take you to the Online Sepsis Awareness and the Online Infection Control Healthcare courses that we offer.

Importantly both of the above e-learning courses are an ideal training solution for doctors, nurses, GP’s, Locums.

Additionally, they are also ideal for care home staff including domiciliary carers.

It should be noted that we also have a dedicated training website for the healthcare professional. Please follow this link to be taken to our Online BLS Training Healthcare website for additional information.

Finally, all of our e-learning course programs are accredited by the CPD Certification Service, accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

5 reviews for Sepsis Management

  1. Paul K

    Enjoyed the training and this course gave me a good understanding of the subject

  2. Sally K

    Yes a good all round course, with a good mix of easy to understand content

  3. Amanda P

  4. Michael

    A good course with lots of information

  5. Sam H

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